What are kids saying?

Post and read original writing on this website for kids 18 years old and under, worldwide.


Stories by kids, for kids.

Letter Generator

Learn the parts of a letter and how to write your own letter.

Postcard Creator

Learn how to write a postcard.

Stapleless Book

Create and print a book of your own! Without staples!

Comic Creator

Use the template to create your own comic! Garfield© watch out!

Stories from the Web

Stories, Writing, Games, Authors, Drawing, Poetry...There is so much on this site! Pick your age category and have some fun!

Kids' Space

More stories, games, etc. Check out the costumes from around the world section.

Magnetic Poetry

Drag the magnets to the refrigerator to create haikus, cinquains, limericks, songs, free verse, etc....

ABC's of Writing

This site takes you step by step from prewriting through publishing, with strategies and graphic organizers included.